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Thank you for visiting Dynamicology. Our objective is to help you target, engage and convert high quality clients that value your integration expertise and reputation.

We help you with proven, powerful marketing system that makes it easy for your prospective clients to sit down with you and seriously consider your recommendations.

We show you successful referral marketing strategies that can give you a robust supply of potential clients with minimal effort and expense.

The most important thing that we give you is the tools and knowledge that your reputation and engagement will be consistently be built throughout the year once our system is in place. 

Why Partner With Us

  • To quickly dominate your market by taking advantage of referral marketing opportunities.
  • To enable your services to directly reach & impact the lives of your ideal customers - at a healthy profit.
  • To work with a team that can execute with the trust & transparency of an in-house marketing department - without the overhead.
  • To out-maneuver, out-think and out-execute your competition by working with a team of experienced performance marketers.


Our team is the definition of 21st century marketing professionals. We write, speak, and practice at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology.

Over the past 15 years our founder, Mark Condell, has held positions specializing in customer relationship management, online marketing, brand marketing, marketing research and sales at companies including Samsung Electronics, Virgin Mobile, Epsilon Interactive, and Accenture, and has worked with clients such as LG, Toys R Us,, Newsweek, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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